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UPG Carbon Corsa

UPG Carbon Corsa

The entirely remade shell of our Opel Corsa, constructed from a new generation of carbon fiber.
The weight of all outer panels is under 10kg! The engine has aslo undergone a complete revision.

Results from initial testing: 11.22@1/4mile
Drag Racing Record for Class A in Bulgaria
Fastest naturally aspirated Corsa in the World.
Most powerfull NA 2L. C20XE in the World.


As a base we decided to use the well known in the motorsport world C20XE engine.

ECU: Haltech PS2000 + Racepack Dash IQ3
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Connecting Rods: Extreme Tuners Custom Connecting Rods
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Pistons: 87 mm, 13:1 Extreme Tuners Custom Pistons
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Connecing rod bearings: UPG Specification
Main Bearings: UPG Specification
Cylinder Head: CNC Heads UK
Head gasket: Athena MLS 1.9mm
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Camshafts: Extreme Tuners Custom
Valves: 1 mm oversize
Valve springs: Custom double springs
Retainers: Custom Titanium
Lifters: Custom Mechanical
Camshaft pulleys: Cat Cams
Throttle bodies: 48 mm Jenvey WTCC
Exhaust manifold: 4-2-1 BTB
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Bolts: ARP
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Clutch: Custom 4.25” Twin Plate
Fuel system: Nuke Performance
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Fuel Injectors: Bosch 440cc
Oil system: Titan Motorsport Dry Sump
Brakes and transmission
Gearbox: Custom
Differential: Quaife ATB Helical LSD
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Handbrake: D2
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Brake System: UPG
Rear shock absorbers and springs: GAZ DA
Front shock absorbers and springs: KW Coilover