Performance garage


- We offer preparation of complete tune-up projects.
- We choose the best components which meet customers’ expectations.
- We assemble engines in the necessary conditions.
- We make individual fine tuning with performance components by order.


Our team always wants to make that special fine touch on every detail which affects mostly the soul of a car. The engine compartment is where we want to be most precise and focused, that’s why we created a specially equipped base for gathering engines mechanically and developing new ideas. This room is equipped with instruments from “Beta” and “Mitutoyo” professional series. 


Every project needs additional production of individual elements or finalization of any details that need to be custom for every vehicle. We can guarantee our clients we have the needed equipment and specialists to do it.

- High quality equipments for welding KEMPPI
- Finest plasma cutter – Hypertherm
- CNC Miller
- CNC Lathe



We offer an install and tune service for standalone engine management systems, as well as software optimisations for OEM ECU's. For the most demanding projects we use the help of our international partners - specialists with years of experience in top level motorsport like Formula 3000 and others.

Currently, we are awaiting our Dyno “V-tech” system to arrive so we can be equipped with one of the latest high technology systems in the world for making the finest settings of an engine without breaking it. 


    The idea for an individual performance garage was born back in 2004, and it was kept like just an unreachable dream for many reasons. At that point we had already formed the team, and we had solid experience building and preparing ours and our friends racing and street vehicles, but unfortunately it was all happening under miserable working conditions. Even know it was rarely rewarded and we often barely made things happen, it was always for a greater purpose and we achieved many friendships for our dedication. One day we released that with the knowledge, experience and partnership that we have achieved, we can become a lot more successful at what we do best, but under the circumstances it just wasn’t happening. As most of the countries have their number one in high performance races, we want to be that number one in Bulgaria, we want to do things perfect at the full meaning of the word and that’s why at 2011 we made our first big step.

    In 2011 we started with finding of the perfect place due to our needs, and soon we were on a new project. As most of the projects this one required a lot of sleepless nights and early mornings which finally gave us a roof under which we started to build our future dream.  It cost a lot of time and nerves, but we were not willing to make any sacrifices as our target was clear. We wanted a fine place where we can focus on our biggest passion - Motorsport.
   And suddenly our dream became a reality, on the 15th of November 2011 the “Urban Performance Garage” started work on a full throttle.  


With the kind support of our partners from “Beta” we were able to furnish our garage with highly innovative technology and equipment, developed with the clear purpose and applicability to the racing world. We have one of the highest quality equipments for welding  KEMPPI, and plasma thermal cutting Hypertherm, CNC miller, carbon fiber development technology and a lot more incoming instruments it needs to keep it highly professional. 


We can guarantee to our clients and partners that we are looking forward in working with them and we hope we can support you using our knowledge and experience, the lessons we have been given by the fate, and most of all the long related partnerships which gave us the key to success and proved solutions in Motorsport. We are also looking forward to new challenges on the track and the garage, providing our clients the special support they need every step of the way.