The end result after activating kickdown downshifting is a smooth dose of an additionall 150 horse power, preciselly delivered thanks to the Ny-trex progressive controller, while all of the system component remain cosealed to the eyes of the curious.

UPG was comissioned to build and maintain two drift cars for the new Rockstar Drift team in Bulgaria. The team featured two identical BMW E36 Drift cars equipped with supercharged race engines producing over 600hp, proffesional drift suspension and more. 

Drift Car

Rollcage Build 

Nitrous system install

The evolution of our drag project for 2012 

Street Project

This is the drag racing car of our team. With it we have raced in EU drag races and the races of Bulgarian Drag Racing Federation. 

Drift Project

After the success of the drag vehicle we decided to take the challenge and try in another discipline as the well - time attack. 

Street/Time attack project

Work in progress