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Opel Corsa A Urban Team

Opel Corsa A Urban Team


This is the drag racing car of our team. With it we have raced in EU drag races and the races of Bulgarian Drag Racing Federation. 


-Second place in Lesnovo (Bulgaria) 2010

- First place in Sliven (Bulgaria) – 2011

- First place in Bojurishte (Bulgaria) - 2011

- Third place in Kishkunalakhaza (Hungary) - 2011

 Record times reached

-  Record drag time for a quarter mile in the class for Bulgaria by BFDR - 12.020 sec - 2011

- Third place in CEDC class P5 in Hungary - 11.520 sec - 2011


As base we have decided to use the well known in the motorsport world engine C20XE.

Pistons: 87 мм COSWORTH WTCC Forged Slipper Piston 12.5:1
Connecting Rods: 151.3mm PEC Steel Rod
Connecing rod bearings: ACL Race series
Main Bearings: KS
Cylinder Head: CNC by Ric Wood
Bolts: ARP
Clutch: Custom by Urban Performance Garage
Camshafts: Custom
Valves: 2 mm oversize
Valve springs: Custom double springs
Camshaft pulleys: Kent Cams
Throttle bodies: 48 мм Jenvey WTCC
Exhaust manifold: 4-1 Urban Performance Garage
ECU: Haltech PS2000 + Racepack Dash IQ3
Fuel system: Aeromotive A1000 kit
Oil system: Dry sump system by Titan Motorsport
Intake: Jenvey
Brakes and transmission
Handbrake: Compbrake
Brake controller: Compbrake
Gearbox: Quaife 5-speed synchromesh
Differential: Quaife ATB Helical LSD
Front shock absorbers and springs: KW Coilover
Rear shock absorbers and springs: Bilstein B12