Partners / Gaz Shocks

GAZZARD ENGINEERING COMPANY was based 1967. in the UK by Brian Gazzard and his brother Cristopher with the aim to produce high quality machined components for the automotive industry processing. Over the years the company has changed several workshops by 2000 acquired a new production area of ​​over acre in Basilton and a workforce of 34 people. Then establish a niche market and thanks to their already accumulated 20 years experience in producing blanks for top manufacturers of shocks, GAZ released their own line of products. Because most components have their own damper production, GAZ ensure the quality of their products and the advantage of their pricing policies. Since their introduction, GAZ damper quickly build a solid reputation in the markets for whale-Karova, classic and racing cars. By sponsoring a series MIGHTY-MINI is entering the market performances of the parts as a result get a jump in sales worldwide including increased market share in Japan. Now, firmly established in the field of racing parts, GAZ continue to grow in terms of investment in both technology and human capital. This helps them not to stop to meet the ever changing needs of customers and to always exceed their expectations for quality, performance and maintenance.